About the Trust

Ideal Science and Research Welfare Hub

Ideal Science and Research Welfare Hub, a Trust, registered under Trust Act, was established through the continuous planning and collective efforts by some sprightly personalities with a view to promote their philanthropic goal. The audacious dream of setting up of a charitable educational foundation was first dreamt by Shri Partha Sarathi Hesh and Dr.Raghupati Goswami, men of sound disposition and indomitable willpower. Eventually, inspired by Mr.Bratish Kumar Sarkar, another innovative entrepreneur, who had created a legacy of values and principles worth enumerating, while charting a proven track record of success over the years, espoused the cause and extended his hands of cooperation by equally sharing the joy and woe to materialize the dream.


The noble mission of the Trust is to provide higher technical education at the highest level, through the promotion of world class center of excellence in the fields of Engineering and Management which will lead to a proper cultivation of body, mind and soul blending with traditional Indian values. It persistently strives to the creation of thoughtful, responsible and complete global citizens who will be devoted to the development of our country. An Ideal place for the Engineering Idols…


To switch the dynamic motion of the young talents in the blooming garden of technology, amidst of a seraphic horizon of perseverance of excellent scholastic atmosphere by synergizing spiritual values, perpetual creative attributes of human beings and rapid changing technological competence.

Equality and Diversity

The Trust recognizes all students equally, irrespective of gender, race, belief or ability. It strongly believes in nurturing the students individually, beyond the confinement of any discrimination and thereby enabling them to blossom fully and independently.

Future Plan

• Opening of more B.Tech courses
• Opening of M.Tech courses and Research & Development
• Ideal Business School
• Ideal Institute of Polytechnic