• “IDEAL SCIENCE & RESEARCH WELFARE HUB”, (ISRWH) Trust will assure 100% Placement Guarantee for the Eligible ‘LATERAL ENTRY’ Students of the ‘Ideal Institute of Engineering’ subject to fulfillment of the under mentioned Terms and Conditions:




  1. Condition No.1. The Students should not be in breach of any kind of Disciplinary Code of Conduct of the Institution and have to obey the Rules and Regulations or Statutory Mandates of the Institution throughout the Course. More over the Students have to mandatorily carry on the Attendance of 80% in each / individual Class & Lab and also have to mandatorily attend near about 100% of the special lessons, Internships and Trainings to be arranged by the Institution time to time for the purpose of Placement.


  1. Condition No.2. Department wise Internal Examination will be held in every end of the Month for each / Individual Paper. And every Month the Institute will notify the Internal Examination Marks along with the Monthly Percentage of the Attendance Report of each / individual Class on the Departmental Notice Board and officially the same is to be sent to all the Guardian of the Students.


  1. Condition No. 3. Institute will provide only one Appointment Letter / Offer Letter, Department wise through Campus Drive either on Campus or of Campus for a Student who will be categorically eligible for Placement as per the Institution Mandate.


  • OPPORTUNITY: Only for the interest of the quality Development or Career Development or benefit or much betterment of the Students of the institute, ‘ISRWH’ ‘Ideal Institute of Engineering’ declares that, if any Student fulfills the above mentioned Terms and Conditions, he / she will be eligible for Campus Interview and the “ISRWH” Trust will also assure 100% Placement Guarantee at the final Stage of Eight Semester or after completion of the entire B. Tech Degree Course. All the Lateral Entry Students will be eligible to enjoy this opportunity at the time of Admission.


  • IDEAL THOUGHT / ATTENTION: The Trust believes that Reality as well as Originality is the main pillar of our human Society and Artificiality cannot accord any support for a Man/Woman or a successful organisation. However, we wish to promote the Institute with the support of our own Students but not with the support of any Print Media or Electronics Media, like as ANANDA BAZAR PATRIKA or STAR ANANDA etc. The ‘IDEAL’ dream is that, our own Students will be our ‘Brand Ambassador’  as a result our every ‘Brand Ambassador’ has to refer only one Meritorious Student against the allotted Sponsorship Seat during his / her entire Course period, who will be categorically eligible for the above ‘Sponsorship Guide Line’ for Admission in ‘Ideal Institute of Engineering’. It is further mentioned that below standard Student will not be considered.


  • CAUTION: The opportunity will be valid for a Student if he / she fulfills the above mentioned Terms and Conditions; otherwise the Trust will withdraw “100% Placement Guarantee” and other extra supports. Accordingly this type of Student will be treated as an ‘ORDINARY STUDENT’ of the Institute.






All the Students are having, (i) Good Behavior, (ii) Coming to the Institute with Institute Uniform & Identity Card, (iii) Using the Institute library in regular basis, (iv) Maintaining Ragging Free record in the Institute Campus as well as in Hostel, (v) Lastly Payment of the Semester Fees, Hostel Fees and WBUT Fees are within the Institute schedule time.




  • Always keep silence inside the office Block. Should not talk louder inside the office Block.
  • You have to respect everyone. Must follow the instructions of the seniors (Director, Principal, Registrar, Administrator and Senior Staff of the Institute).
  • We don’t allow any offensive word or communication inside the Campus.
  • You are strictly not allowed to go outside of Institute Campus within the Institute timings. If you have any urgency to go outside of the Institute, then you have to take permission from the Authority i.e. Director/ Principal / Registrar / Administrator / HOD / TIC.
  • Always keep clean your Uniform and your Desk. It’s also your responsibility to keep your Institute Campus clean.




  • You are not allowed to access any other websites, which are not related to Institute.
  • You are strictly not allowed to access any social community site at the Institute Campus.
  • You have to keep yourself attentive/Serious/Sincere always during the Institute hours.
  • You are strictly not allowed to download any software. If you need any software related to your academic part, then please ask to HOD / TIC / Director/ Principal / Registrar / Administrator. They will be responsible to provide you the software.
  • You have to use only that very particular work/system which one is assigned to you.
  • Don’t use any personal CD or Pen Drive at any system without prior permission of the HOD / TIC / Director/ Principal / Registrar / Administrator.
  • Before leave from Computer Lab, you must shut down your system properly.
  • When you face any problem or need any extra help, then please contact to the Institute Director.



Partha Sarathi Hesh


For Ideal Science & Research Welfare Hub