GUIDELINE FOR ASSURED PLACEMENT FOR CATEGORY – A & B: The student should not breach any kind of ‘Disciplinary Code of Conduct/ General Guidelines’ of the Institution and have to obey the Rules and Regulations or Statutory Mandates of the Institution throughout the Course. Moreover, the Students have to mandatorily maintain overall attendance of 80% in individual classes & labs and also have to attend near about 100% of the special lessons Internships/ Trainings/ Workshops arranged by the Institution time to time for the purpose of placement readiness and must also score at least 5 SGPA in at least Six out of Eight Semesters or at least Five out of Six Semesters (for final year appearing students).

BRAND AMBASSADOR REFERRAL SCHEME FOR CATEGORY – A & B: The Trust believes that reality as well as originality, is the main pillar of our human society and artificiality cannot accord any support for a man/woman or a successful organization. We wish to promote the Institute with the support of our own students and not with the support of any Print Media/Electronic The Trust will recognize their own Students as the ‘Brand Ambassador’ for the Institute, and every ‘Brand Ambassador’ will have the choice to refer one meritorious student against the allotted Sponsorship Seat during his/her entire Course period, which will be categorically eligible for the above stated ‘Sponsorship Guide Line’ for Admission in ‘Ideal Institute of Engineering’. It is to mention further that below standard students will not be considered for sponsorship under any circumstances. On fulfillment of this responsibility, the ‘Brand Ambassador’ will be rewarded suitably.

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