IDEAL Play School

box-1In the 10 years that I have spent with teachers, parents and students in education, as well as my work while earning a Masters in Physics and Bachelor’s in Education, I have developed a solid philosophy that education is about opportunity, success and accomplishment. It is about building the whole child. All facets of influence from parents to teachers and from school personnel to the students themselves are responsible for the final quality of education. IDEAL School has an excellent school environment where students are provided with the values, skills and experience that will help them shape their character, personality and mannerisms, which is just as important as their academic growth.

The Junior School staff shares a belief that our students are unique, full of potential, and will beplayball-1 supported as they develop positive learning habits and attitudes as well as a sense of responsibility and international spirit. Our curriculum is based on Central Board of Secondary Education Standards in reading, writing and math. It is balanced with cultural immersion and respect for people from all religious and cultural backgrounds.



As a professional, an educator and a guardian of our youth, I find student success not only our paramount duty, but the greatest passion that can exist. It is the reason I chose education as my life’s work and the reason that I continue to dedicate myself to its excellence. Together with parents and community members, we will work to build valued relationships and share in creating a quality learning world for our students. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. Along with staff, I look forward to an amazing year in the Junior School and at IDEAL!